I never knew I would end up like this

being scared and afraid of happiness.

Losing faith , losing weight

losing myself

without any help.

Sometimes it feels like this was my fate

or maybe a death wish

somewhere far away in my brain.

I got hooked, I sold my soul to the devil of tomorrow

and now all hope is gone.

I wish I made better choices ,

I wish my head didn’t hear

those mean voices.

I wish I had a normal childhood

so I would kno the difference

between bad and good.

All I ever wanted was a lovely home ,

something to call my own.

Now I’ m sleeping in the streets

and doing hustle and tricks

 to get something to eat.

But most of the time

 I got drugs on my mind.

There ain’t no way back,

I’ve been doing this for too long,

it might sound wack


But still I ain’t dead yet…